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It creates a CV in less than 15 minutes and unloads it of immediate form.

It creates your CV

65% more of probability of finding a job

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    With our creator of CVs online, to create a professional CV it is within reach of anyone. It introduces your personal data and it begins to fill up the content for your CV. One among our 36 groups available chooses and ready! , already you can unload your CV.

  • More probable to find a job.

    With a professional and genuine CV, you will emphasize between the rest of applicants. Also you will have a 65% more of probabilities of choosing to an interview.

  • It organizes your requests.

    Often, it is important to know how to outline your CV following the type of work that you want to solicit. With CVmaker, you will be able to create and to manage different CVs from way ordinate through your personal area.

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    Without doubt, a great success for me. In 15 minutes I created my CV and I sent it through e-mail program.

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    I received very positive commentaries on my CV! I found a a good quite fast job. Definitively I will recommend them.

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  • Kate

    Very practitioner to be able to organize all CVs and requests in a single place with CVmaker. The groups are precious!

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He increases your possibilities of obtaining use of considerable form.

With CVmaker, you can create a professional and genuine CV in only 15 minutes of fast and simple way.

He creates your CV

65% more of probability of finding a job

A CV elaborates that emphasizes

It increases your probability of finding a job and creates your CV with our professional groups of design.

  • Gratuitous example of CV
  • Gratuitous example of CV
  • Gratuitous example of CV
  • Gratuitous example of CV
  • Gratuitous example of CV
  • Gratuitous example of CV
  • Gratuitous example of CV
  • Gratuitous example of CV
  • Gratuitous example of CV

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CV (curriculum vitae)

Frequent information, questions and advice for the CV.

  • What is a CV?

    CV is an abbreviation of the Latin locution curriculum vitae, that means “race of life”. A professional curriculum offers a summary and a general look of the acquired experiences of a person. It is applied commonly in the use search. Your CV includes your education, your labor experience and skills. Through your curriculum, the selector will quickly obtain a general image of your abilities and experiences, as much in the phase of recruitment as in the work interview. Thanks to his content it will be able to determine if you fit with the work or no.

  • What I must mention in my curriculum?

    Their curriculum only must contain pertinent information for their future employer. This means that the information in their curriculum can differ according to the use that you are looking for.

    Nevertheless, their curriculum must include the following thing at least:

    Personal data:
    Their new employers will have to be able to contact it for a possible interview of work. Therefore, always he begins to mention his complete name, its email address and her phone number. Also it mentions his place of residence and its direction, an employer will be able to choose an employee who lives near their place of work. If a license is required to lead for the position, also mention it, since many positions require trips of businesses. If it has a representative profile of LinkedIn or a personal website, it can include a connection in the section “personal Data”.

    Professional experience
    In sequence chronological, it indicates his last labor experience. It begins with his last work and it continues enumerating his past experiences. If it is possible, that those are in relation to the sector by which you are soliciing. For each of his professional experiences, it enumerates his tasks, responsibilities and abilities. Advice: He tries to enumerate the more excellent abilities and responsibilities for the position to which you are applying!

    Like its labor experience, begins with its last studies or mentions the highest level of education. It also indicates the school or institution where you studied, the date of home and the date of graduation.

    The parts before mentioned, must appear in any curriculum vitae, independent of the use by which you are soliciing. Nevertheless, if really you wish to stand out of the other candidates, it is recommended to provide an additional effort. It wishes that the potential employers see that you are the best candidate for the work? Therefore, it considers to add the following sections to his curriculum:

    The profile
    The modern majority of the CV includes a brief introductory paragraph, also known as “Profile”. In this paragraph, read by the majority of the recruiters, you will have the opportunity to be sold in a few orations (for example: the type of job that you are looking for, its qualities and their ambitions).

    All the works are, by all means, different, nevertheless, during their race, will learn new abilities and these abilities will be transferable. These personal characteristics are acquired through the experience, that more ahead will help it to carry out any other work.

    Courses and qualifications related to the work.
    Some employers offer courses or qualification to improve certain abilities of their employees. If he has followed them and he improved the abilities or competitions for his new job, make sure to include them. Make sure to specify if he has a diploma or certificate!

    Also you can acquire certain abilities and skills in nonprofessional surroundings. For example, to be voluntary as trainer or accountant for a club or organization. If you have realised these activities during its studies, they will be described as extracurricular activities. Assure to you to enumerate them, always will be an additional advantage on your competitors!

  • CV by chronological order

    The used and known CV more is the chronological CV. This means that the components that depend on the year of accomplishment, as your labor studies or your experiences, will imagine following an inverse chronological structure: The last use that you had (most recent) is mentioned at the outset (above), the first use that you had is mentioned in the part inferior. The previous thing also applies for all the other experiences that mentions in your CV which they have happened in a specific period, as for example: professional course, training programs, practice and auxiliary activity.

    The order for your curriculum will be the following one: personal information and of contact, perhaps followed of a concise description of your professional profile. Next, it indicates your formation, followed by your labor experience, languages, abilities and interests.

  • How to create a CV or a letter of presentation

    You can create a CV with a program of word processing, as Microsoft Word, soon to turn it to pdf. It looks for in Internet a gratuitous example of CV or a group and tries to copy it. Or our creator of CVs uses where you must introduce your data and only you will have an unloaded functional CV perfectly in only 15 minutes. By all means, you can make the same to write your letter of presentation.

    When you finish with your CV and your letter of presentation, send them with an e-mail to the company for which you want to work.

  • Tricks to make a perfectly functional CV

    In our creator of CVs you will find tricks to remove the maximum party to your CV in each section. Here you have some general tricks:

    - It only mentions excellent information that it has an added value for the vacancy that you are soliciing and that is interesting for your future employer.
    - Nonmentions likings or interests that can urge sensible questions.
    - It indicates the most important information on the front page. It adds to a concise personal profile on you mismo/a.
    - The USA points of enumeration, emblems and scripts to make your transparent CV for the personnel of recruitment.
    - The CV by chronological order always chooses, unless the vacancy requires to use some other model.
    - Mantén your brief and simple, but powerful CV. It only mentions important information of concise form.
    - Kind Estate to our blog for more CVs and advice to ask for work.

It asks for your work

With the help of CV Maker, its professional CV estára always to the reach. Or that decides to easily create it quickly and with our creator of CV, or that our professionals do it to size, its CV always would stand out between the multitude

He creates your own professional CV

  • To make a professional CV is very easy with our creator of CV with advice and tricks.
  • It only creates your own professional curriculum in 15 minutes.
  • Its CV you would be almaceran in its personal account. This allows so much him to publish as to unload its CV when it wishes it and where it needs it.
  • It accedes to the request letter creation, combining them with his personal CV.
  • It only accedes to all the functionalities during 7 days by €2.95, soon increases only €14.95/mes.

Ten your created or optimized CV

  • It is to You difficult to create your own CV? Or simply too much you are occupied and you don't have time? Beam that your CV is created or optimized by a professional.
  • Send his present CV (or experiences to us) and we will make his CV with one of our professional groups.
  • Its content sera professionally, potentamente and clearly rewritten.
  • Between 24-48 hours, their CV sera created or optimized professionally and available to unload it from its personal account.
  • Its gratuitous account him permitira to publish continuously its generated CV and to make use of all the other functionalities available.

More than 112,872 users they have elaborated its CV already.

With CVmaker, you can create a professional and genuine CV in only 15 minutes of fast and simple way.

It creates your CV

65% more of probability of finding a job