Terms and conditions

Lea at great length our terms and conditions.

The use of Cvmaker (from now on: “the service”) is subject to the conditions of use that we detailed next. When using the service, you accept all these terms and conditions. CB is offered to him to you by CVmaker B.V.

Article 1. Use of the service

1.1. It will be able to use this service of payment to create, to publish and to unload as much CVs as presentation letters. You are responsible to make a correct use of the tools and functionalities that the service offers.

1.2. Once he creates his first CV, an account will be created of way of automatic way. The details of home of session will be provided by means of e-mail. With these details it will be able to initiate session and to use all the functionalities of the service.

1.3. The CVs, letters of presentation and another information will be stored in their account. You will be able to ask for this information at any time initiating session in his account.

1.4. He will have to protect the access to his account with an e-mail and a password. Its password, in particular, will be due to maintain strictly confidential. Cvmaker could understand that everything what it happens once in his account initiates session with its e-mail and its password has been carried out under its supervision. You personally responsible for these actions are, unless you have indicated explicitly that somebody has acceded to its password.

Article 2. Rules of use

2.1. The account is personal and it only can be used by the proprietor of the tie email address to the account. Strictly it is prohibited to give access to third parties to his account.

2.2. The use of the service for opposite acts to laws and applicable, national or international regulations is prohibited specifically. This includes the storage or slanderous, slander or racist information dissemination through service; as well as the shipment of messages nonasked for.

2.3. If Cvmaker found or received a complaint of which it is violating one of the mentioned rules previously, we reserved the right to close the account to him or to completely block its access to the service without reimbursing the money.

2.4. If, according to Cvmaker, annoyances, damages or any other danger for the operation of the computer science systems or the network of Cvmaker or third parties through Internet arose, in particular by excessive shipment d e-mails or other data, filtrations of personal data or activities such as virus, Trojans and similar software, Cvmaker reserves the right to take the measures that consider necessary to avoid any type of danger.

2.5. Cvmaker is authorized to notify these offenses at any moment. In addition, Cvmaker. he is authorized to give his name, direction, direction of IP or another information that allows to identify it to any third party that protests that it has infringed his general rights or their terms and conditions, as long as this complaint is reasonable and reasonable.

2,6 Cvmaker could demand the indemnification by the damages caused by you when violating anyone of these rules of conduct. You would compensate to Cvmaker to correct all the claims of third parties in relation to the information that she had provided.

Article 3. Maintenance and availability

3.1. Cvmaker is committed to do all the possible one so that the service is available, but cannot guarantee its availability to the 100%.

3.2. Cvmaker carries out maintenance tasks actively to assure the service. This maintenance can be carried out at any time, with and without previous warning, although this can limit the temporary availability of the service.

3.3. Cvmaker could change the service at any time. It appreciates the commentaries, but finally it decides by itself what adjustments will be realised or no.

Article 4. Intellectual property

4.1. The service, the webpages and the software that accompanies them, as well as all the information, the photographies, the groups, the design of the curricula and the letters of presentation are intellectual property of Cvmaker. Its use or copies without explicit permission of Cvmaker, except in the cases in which the law allows it, is not allowed.

4.2. The design of the final document that can be unloaded through service adjusts to the conditions mentioned in the previous paragraph on intellectual property. You, hereby, obtain limited rights to use this design. Specifically he is prohibited to use these designs of another form that is not in combination with documents drafted with the service. These rights also continue after the completion in the agreement.

4.3. The information that it publishes or it keeps through Cvmaker, as the text of its curriculum or their photography, is and will be always of its property. The rights of Cvmaker to use this information for the service are limited.

4.4. The excellent information can revoke this right of use eliminating and/or cancelling the agreement.

4.5. When commanding commentaries, suggestions or information related to a possible improvement of the service to Cvmaker, you yield the limitless right to him to use this information for Cvmaker. This is not applied to the information that explicitly marks as confidential. Cvmaker will not be forced to discount in case of developing to improvements based on its commentaries or suggestions economically to him.

4.6. Cvmaker will not consider the personal data that you store and/or distribute through service, unless it is necessary for a good service or Cvmaker is forced to make it by virtue of some legal disposition or a warrant. In this case, Cvmaker will do all the possible one to limit provided information, as long as this is in its power.

4.7. During the use of his subscription, you must right to use the service and documents drafted with the help of the service, as curriculum or letters of presentation. At the end of his subscription, you no longer will have right to use the service nor documents done with his help. These documents could only be used after a cession of right on those documents on the part of Cvmaker.

Article 5. Position by service

5.1. There is a tariff associated to the service. The present amount can be found in the webpage. The mentioned costs must be pleased in advance.

5.2. In order to use Cvmaker it is for the first time necessary to buy a subscription. There is a cost per month associated to this subscription. The tariff load monthly as of the second month and in future.

 5.3. Cvmaker has the right at any time to change the tariffs mentioned in article 5,1. Cvmaker will inform into this change (1) a month to him before the change. In case of not being in agreement with the change, it must right to cancel the agreement until the new tariff begins.

5.4. Since the service delivery of immediate way after its order, is not possible to revoke a payment, although yes it could resort to the Law of distance selling.

Article 6. Conditions of payment

6.1. The first payment can be realised by credit card or Paypal account, in agreement with the instructions of payment in the website. After 7 days, if the subscription renews, the costs of the subscription will load on the account or credit card of Paypal that was used for the first payment. The account can directly be cancelled when initiating session from its account. The users who had phelp through Paypal can also cancel the subscription from the Paypal account.

6.2. In case of incurring a delay in its payments, Cvmaker will send a reminder to him of payment with a period of 14 days to realise the payment. If it does not perform one's duty of payment after this reminder, it will be failing to fulfill the law and any additional notification of breach is not required. From this moment, Cvmaker must right to acquire the reminder costs and to limit the services, for example, restricting the access to Cvmaker.

6.3. In case Cvmaker. he cannot acquire the suitable amount and/or one is not pleased in time, you are responsible for a total compensation of the extrajudicial costs (of collection) in addition to the owed amount and the corresponding interest.

Article 7. Responsibility

7.1. As long as there is not a legal disposition that excludes them, the following dispositions of responsibility are applied to the use of the service.

7.2. Safe in case of dolo or serious negligence, the responsibility of Cvmaker is limited the amount that has phelp during both months previous to the event.

7.3. Cvmaker does not become person in charge of the indirect damages, derived damages, lost loss of benefits, works, lost savings and other damages due to the stagnation of the company.

7.4. In case of greater force, in no Cvmaker case one will be forced to pay an indemnification to him by the caused damage. Greater force includes the interruption or failures of Internet or in the infrastructure of telecommunications, electrical failures, internal stagnations in the provision, disturbances, mobilizations, wars, turnpikes, strikes, exclusions, fires and floods.

Article 8. Duration and cancellation of the subscription

8.1. This agreement and its subscription begin as soon as it makes use of the service mentioned in article 1 of these conditions for the first time.

8.2. It can at any time cancel the subscription through his account or through service to the client. In order to avoid the renovation of the subscription, in any case, it must cancel his account before the day of home of the new period.

8.3. After the cancellation of the subscription, the bottoms already phelp never will be given back.

8.4. The data that have kept through service eliminated eighteen (18) months after the last use of the service. Cvmaker will inform to him by email electronic before eliminating the data, but it is not forced to do it. Until the moment of the elimination, you will be able to accede to this information being returned to celebrate a contract again.

Article 9. Changes in the prices and conditions

9,1 Cvmaker can modify the conditions and prices. These modifications would in force enter the new period of invoicing, as long as the effective legislation it allows it.

9.2. Cvmaker will in force announce the changes or additions in the webpage at least thirty (30) days before its entrance, so that it can in due course take note from them.

9.3. If it does not wish to accept a change, it can to date cancel the agreement of entrance in force of the modification. The use of the service after the effective date of change is considered as the acceptance of the modified conditions.

Article 10. Other dispositions

10.1. Insofar as the legislation of mandatory character it does not prescribe the opposite, all the disputes related to Cvmaker will be put under the competent Dutch court for the district in which is Cvmaker.

10.2. If a disposition in these Terms of use requires a notification in writing, it will be considered valid if the warning provides by means of e-mail or communication through Cvmaker, whenever it is sufficiently evident that the message comes from this sender and who the integrity of the message is not affected.

10.3. Cvmaker reserves the right to transfer its rights and obligations in this agreement, as well as the personal data that it has processed, to a third party that Cvmaker considers that it can assume the commercial activity.

Article 11. Contact

If it has some question, suggestion or commentary about these terms and conditions, please, put yourself in touch with us using our form of contact.

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