Frequent questions

You have some question? Please, it reviews the frequent questions. If you do not find your answer, please, ponte in touch with us.

  • I can add to a photography CV?

    In the first step of our creator of CVs, when introducer your personal information, you can add a photography to your CV. For it, you click in the icon with a photography that you will find next to the input ranges. You will be able to raise, to publish and to add the photography to your CV.

  • I can unload my CV in Word?

    Given the complexity of our groups, it is impossible to unload the CV in Word. But you do not worry, always you will be able to publish your CV acceding to your account.

  • I can publish my curriculum?

    After unloading your CV, you will automatically receive an e-mail with the details to initiate session and to publish your CV when and where you want.

  • I can order the sections that I include in my CV?

    Yes, you can order the sections with you shoot with an arrow that you will see next to each excellent section. Also you can independently order the sections that you include within each section doing click in the 3 bars that there are next to each element and dragging them to the wished position.

  • They will be become ordained the elements chronological?

    The elements are not become ordained chronological of automatic way. In order to order them chronological, you click in the 3 points that you will see next to each element and chooses “To order chronological”. The elements will be become ordained chronological of immediate form.

  • I can place a fragment in the following page (in pdf)?

    Yes, this is perfectly possible. It can become in our creator of CVs of two forms:

    1. You can choose to place a complete section (for example, studies and formation) in the following page. For it, it tightens in the 3 points that you will find next to that section and chooses “In the following page (pdf)”. That way, the complete section will be located in the following page.
    2. After the section previous to that you want to move, the Intro in the text editor beats so many times as you want until fitting the transition of precise form.
  • I can hide some section in my CV?

    Yes. You can hide sections of your CV doing click in the 3 points that you will find next to the section or section which you want to hide and later chooses “To hide component”. When you want to add it or to show it again, you will be able to choose it in the selection bar that you will see at the end of step 2 of our creator of CVs.

  • Hill money to unload my CV?

    The price of the service of our creator of CVs is of 2.95 for 7 days of limitless access. After this period of 7 days, your subscription will be renewed every month of automatic way to a price of 14,95. When having total access, you will be able to publish and to unload CVs whenever you want, to create limitless letters of presentation, to use our tool of request of by email electronic use and to throughout use our system search of use the period of your subscription. After the period of a month, your subscription will be renewed of automatic way every month, until you decide to cancel it. You can annul your subscription at any time.

    The prices indicated in our webpage include IVA.

  • To cancel my account

    You have found a a good job or no longer you need us by some other reason? It initiates session and it sees “My account”. Slide to you downwards towards the end of the page, slide “Yes” in the subscription and push the button “To cancel my account”.

  • I can unload my CV in another language (P. ex.: French)?

    When you create your curriculum, you will be able to choose to unload your CV in different languages. You will be able to choose this option when introducing your personal information. At the moment we offer the following languages: English and French.

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