Policy of privacy and cookies

Please, it carefully reads our policy of privacy and use of cookies.

When using the creator of curriculum of CVmaker confidential information and personal data is process. CVmaker considers of great importance of making a prudent use of the personal information of its clients. For that reason, the information is dealt with extreme taken care of.

We fulfill the requirements of the European law of privacy in our data processing. CVmaker B.V becomes person in charge of the use of these data. This document explains what personal data we gather and with what purpose. We advised to him that it reads it at great length.

This policy of privacy has been modified for the last time the 24 of May of 2018.

Use of personal data

When using the creator of CVs will complete certain information (personal data). We kept and only we used the introduced personal data for the service that it asks for, or those that clearly are provided to be process by us. This policy of privacy is destined mainly to which they use the webpage as individuals or employees.

When creating a CV in cvmaker.nl, an account is created automatically. The following information is used for the operation of this account and the parts mentioned in this declaration of privacy:

  • Proportionate name and direction;
  • Any photo that has raised;
  • Phone number;
  • Email address;
  • Direction of IP;
  • Details of payment (encriptados);
  • Cookies;
  • Any information added to its CV, for example, studies, labor experience, courses, etc.


Their personal data are stored in the created account. This information is stored immediately after clicking in the button of “Following step”. The information is stored so that it does not have to return to introduce it in his CV every time, being able to accede to her and/or to publish it, and so that we can contact to him during the execution in this agreement, to send the invoices to him and to offer a summary to him of products and services that it is buying or it has bought to us. Their personal data will be treated later to conserve their personal membership and its data, especially their CVs, to be able to facilitate them at the time of using our services. We can also send e-mails to him to remember, for example, to finish his CV to him.

Form of contact

When using our form of contact we requested his name, its email address and her question or problem to him to solve. When filling up the form of contact in the webpage, the data that have filled up will conserve the time that is necessary to treat and to solve their question.


A cookie is a small text file that the visited webpage guard in the hard disk of its computer for when it visits the page. The most important function of the cookies is to distinguish a user of another one. When it visits CVmaker for the first time, one will appear an emergent window soliciing from him to accept the use of cookies. When accepting, you accept to that to use the cookies and the accessories (plugins) as she describes in this declaration of privacy and cookies. He will be able at any time to deshabilitar or to erase his cookies through his navigator. The webpage could, then, work of a less optimal way.

Tawk and Olark

This webpage uses the software of Tawk and Olark for the chat. By means of this software, the clients can put themselves in touch with us to realise short and fast questions. Of this software one also takes control evident in what page is sailing the clients. He can find more information here: policy of Tawk privacy and policy of Olark privacy. Period of storage: 1 year.

Google analytics and Administrator of labels

This webpage uses Google Analytics to take a registry of how the webpage is used by our visitors. Google stores cookies. The IP directions are encriptadas and, explicitly, we do not give the consent to Google to use the data obtained for other services of Google. It can find more information on the data processing of Google in the Policy of privacy of Google. Period of storage: 2 years.

Duration of the data storage

Their personal data will be conserved the time that is necessary to qualify the service including in this declaration. By reasons for taxes, it is required to store certain information to us by a greater period. Its personal information will be erased immediately if it asks for it to us, clicking in the button “To erase data” that we included in the e-mails that we commanded to him, or automatically 3 years after the cancellation of its account.

Provision to third parties

Their data are not facilitated to third parties, excluding third parties necessarily involved in the execution of our services. For example, our suppliers of payment. Bellboys of access to social networks in the webpage include themselves. This allows the administrators of this services to pick up its personal data. Next we offer a summary to him of these parts:

Mollie – Supplier of payment

Mollie acts as a data processor for CVmaker when rendering its services. As payment supplier, nevertheless, Mollie also has its own obligations with respect to its personal data. Mollie can be, therefore, also considered as a controller of data concerning its personal data. The policy of privacy of Mollie is applied to all the operations of data processing that Mollie carries out as data administrator.

Stripe – Supplier of payment

Stripe acts as a data processor for CVmaker when rendering its services. As payment supplier, Stripe also has its own obligations with respect to its personal data. Stripe can be, therefore, also considered as a controller of data concerning its personal data. For all the operations of data processing that Stripe carries out as data administrator, the policy of privacy of Stripe is applied.

Stripe uses and processes its information of payment, as the number of its credit card, in accordance with the policy of privacy of Stripe. We did not store to information of its card nor no other information related to its data of payment. This information is encriptada and sent to Stripe without no intervention of our part.

Webpages of third parties

This declaration of privacy does not talk about to webpages of third parties connected to this webpage by means of connections or bonds. We did not take responsibility by the way in which these third parties can use their information. Therefore, we recommended to him warmly that it reads the declaration of privacy of those webpages before using his pages.


The measures will be adopted that are considered necessary to avoid the abuse and the nonauthorized access to personal data.

Changes in the privacy policy

We reserved the right to realise modifications, without previous warning, in the policy of privacy and cookies. Therefore, we recommended to him that it often consults this declaration to know any change.

Access, modifications and/or elimination of its data

For any question on our policy of privacy and cookies or more information on the modifications and/or elimination of his personal data, please, contact to us through our form of contact. It can contact to us at any time with questions related to:

  • You have right that is to say what personal data we have stored and what we do with them;
  • You must right to examine completely his personal data;
  • You must right to demand that their data are eliminated (personal) (out of date);
  • You must right to stop of the use of his data (personal).


It can make a complaint to the Authority at any time if it thinks that we abused its personal data.

Information of contact

160 Kemp House, City Road,
London EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom

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