How do you Clean a Airless Paint Sprayer?

For products long lasting life it is necessary to clean them properly after every use. Same goes with an airless paint sprayer. Lack of care and cleanliness will hugely reduce the working capability it is also a loss of time and cost. After ever painting job disassemble the whole equipment and clean the every part properly with care. In this article I’ll guide you how do you clean an airless paint sprayer?

How do you Clean a Airless Paint Sprayer?

How do you Clean a Airless Paint Sprayer?

Cleaning an Airless Paint Sprayer

After spraying job pump the remaining paint out of the sprayer otherwise it will remain in and get hardened which later on leads the product to defects and malfunction. The hardened paint can also cost high repair charges.

Cleaning Water Soluble Paints

The water soluble paint cleaning process is somewhat easy as compared to water insoluble paint. It can be done by a tap water or lukewarm water when needed. For this disassemble the airless paint sprayer and put it into a bucket and let the water run in. Keep the pressure low and pump the remaining paint out into paint bucket unless the water comes out from the hose. After then clean the filter and sieves. As different device has different parts so depending on the device clean gun filter, main filter and suction strainer.

Cleaning Solvent-Based Material

The cleaning process of solvent based materials is same as water soluble paint but instead of tap water thinners are used. Harsh substances such as acetone must be avoided because it could deteriorate the seals. Some accessories such spray gun could not place in solvent as it can destroy seals as well.

Cleaning Nozzles

It is not an easy process, although some products have modern reversing nozzles that below from back in the case of blockage. But it’s not long-term and reliable process. Two manufacturers TipClean from Wagner and FRABMAX offer an appropriate and long term cleaning system. If you use any of them it prevents paint from sticking and ensures long lasting life.

Cleaning Spray Gun

The nozzle holder and spray gun should also be cleaned and this can be achieved by different small brushes of different strength. Carefully use the brushes because a vigorous use can cause a seal damage between gun and nozzle.

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